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David Csercsics david at really.isa-geek.net
Thu Dec 9 13:53:46 PST 2004

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Hi all,
> I think a speech synthesis package should be added to BLFS. Many
> reasons for this, chiefly is that none are easy to build. Also,
> because GNOME is touted as the leading accessibility desktop for
> Linux desktops, I think we should provide instructions to build
> a package to help visually impaired folks that want to build their
> own systems.
> I have tested two opensource packages: FreeTTS and Festival.
> I prefer FreeTTS. Here's my reasoning.
> 1. The newest version of FreeTTS is supported by GNOME. Only an
> ages old version of Festival is supported. I could not get
> Gnopernicus to work with the newer version of Festival, even
> though the newest Festival package works well stand alone.
> 2. FreeTTS is easier to build (however, it requires a JDK) and
> install in a sane location.
> 3. FreeTTS is touted as a better performing package.
> There's probably other things I could say about each package, but
> I can't think of anything right now.
> I would like input from anyone with experience using either of
> these packages. TIA.
> Randy

I have never tried freetts because i couldn't find comprehensive
build instructions for it and I am not all that familiar with java
either. However, if you're willing to put together how you went about
building freetts and such i could give it a hack. I should figure out if
it works with speech-dispatcher while I'm at it too for those that do
not have hardware synthesizers. Festival is slow and a pain to build I
agree there. As far as I know gnopernicus isn't usable yet but I could
be wrong. BRLTTY should probably be added to blfs if we're going to
add speech packages I would think since it's easy to build and install
. When my display gets back from the shop I'll put together instructions
for building BRLTTY. If you have any more questions send me a note
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