DJ Lucas dj at
Thu Dec 9 13:41:07 PST 2004

"Randy McMurchy" wrote:

> This is mostly directed to Bruce, however, discussion may ensue, so
> I'm posting here.
> Now that LFS-6.0 has been released, I suppose we need to start
> thinking about a timeline for the release of BLFS-6.0. I'm bringing
> this up to get an idea how much time until package-freeze so that
> I can prioritize items I will be working on.

Funny thing...I started to write an e-mail about this exact topic last 
night, but I couldn't get my phone to connect long enough to send it before 
my webmail timed out and logged me out.

> Here's things I know need to be reviewed before the release of
> BLFS-6.0 (I'm sure there is much, much more but this is just off
> the top of my head.
> 1. OpenOffice - We need to document in the instructions what it
> takes to build this package against LFS-6.0.

I'm on 1.1.3..It's done...pending one more build which I started this moring 
before I left for work.  (most of that patchset is courtesy of gentoo)

> 2. JDK - I've been using the JDK-5.0 binary release for a couple
> of months now and see no problems associated with it. I'm not sure
> where DJ stands with build instructions for it.

JDK-1.5.0 is a definate no-go...unless it goes side by side with the 1.4.2 
instructions.  It just breaks way too many other projects...although 
patching those is not that big of a deal either..with the exception being 
open office because it contains multiple archives in the tarball and it's 
dmake build is tough to follow...xdelta would really have helped a bit in 
patching it up...but the gentoo devs had the rest figured out before I even 
got to it.

> 3. KDE - I can't help but think that 3.3.2 is just around the corner.
> If it is released, we should go there. If not, we should probably
> bump to 3.3.1 (book is currently at 3.3.0). KOffice should be bumped
> as well.
> 4. GCC-2.95 instructions (as well as all references of it in the book)
> need to be removed.
> 5. The download link for Xorg is broken. This is probably due to the
> recent compromise and rebuild of the FreeDesktop org site.

Oh..jdk with xorg is also a problem because of the shared libXm (easily 
worked around).  Anyone seen anthing else choke on that yet?  Also, I don't 
have the time to find a reference right now, but one of the packages in 
gnome looks for Xrender.pc...this is availible with  Xorg-6.8.1.  The 
version was one minor above what was in the download one posted..6.4 vs 6.3 

All I can think of that hasn't been mentioned in the past few days.

-- DJ Lucas 

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