Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Dec 9 08:18:16 PST 2004

This is mostly directed to Bruce, however, discussion may ensue, so
I'm posting here.

Now that LFS-6.0 has been released, I suppose we need to start
thinking about a timeline for the release of BLFS-6.0. I'm bringing
this up to get an idea how much time until package-freeze so that
I can prioritize items I will be working on.

Here's things I know need to be reviewed before the release of
BLFS-6.0 (I'm sure there is much, much more but this is just off
the top of my head.

1. OpenOffice - We need to document in the instructions what it
takes to build this package against LFS-6.0.

2. JDK - I've been using the JDK-5.0 binary release for a couple
of months now and see no problems associated with it. I'm not sure
where DJ stands with build instructions for it.

3. KDE - I can't help but think that 3.3.2 is just around the corner.
If it is released, we should go there. If not, we should probably
bump to 3.3.1 (book is currently at 3.3.0). KOffice should be bumped
as well.

4. GCC-2.95 instructions (as well as all references of it in the book)
need to be removed.

5. The download link for Xorg is broken. This is probably due to the
recent compromise and rebuild of the FreeDesktop org site.

6. Mozilla should be bumped to 1.73 and Thunderbird to 1.0. See:

Anyway, Bruce, after you reflect on the todo list and bugzilla, if you
could provide a heads-up on any proposed timeline, it would be


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