Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Wed Dec 8 18:23:32 PST 2004

Randy McMurchy wrote:

>Hi all,
>Some things to discuss about the BLFS instructions for the
>BIND-9.3.0 package.
>1. Adding --enable-threads to the configure command will produce
>binaries linked to the pthread library. According to the docs,
>BIND applications using threading works in all kernel versions
>greater than 2.4. Currently, the book does not mention
>--enable-threads and it is not on by default.
>2. Adding --with-libtool to the configure command creates shared
>libraries. Shared libs are not created by default. The installed
>shared libs and .la files are installed with incorrect permissions
>(644 instead of 755), but nothing a few chmod commands can't fix.
>3. There is good documentation in the docs directory of the source
>tree, including the BIND9 Administrator Reference Manual, the
>BIND RFC's, IETF drafts and more. This documentation could be
>installed with one command added to the instructions.
>Anyone have any comments with any of these issues?

Well .a and .la files shouldn't be executable.  The .so files should be 
executable.  The documentation and threaded versions should be 
installed, but I'm not sure about the need for shared libraries.  Do we 
want to do it on principle or are there specific advantages for this 

  -- Bruce

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