FireFox Usage Question

Jeremy Huntwork jeremy at
Tue Dec 7 18:29:21 PST 2004

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> Alexander Lang wrote:
>> i think Edit->Preferences->Downloads is what you are looking for.
>> There is a section where you define what should happen with file types.
>> Hope that helps.
> Thanks, but when I do that, there are no entries in the window and I 
> can't edit anything.
>  -- Bruce

The way that works, is that you have to download something first, and 
when the popup from the link asks if you want to open the file or save 
it to disk, you choose open, find the app you want to open with and 
check the box "Do this automatically for files like this from now on".  
Then your known file types are saved in that window and you can edit 
them if you need to.

Jeremy Huntwork

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