Randy McMurchy randy at
Fri Dec 3 07:09:51 PST 2004

Hi all,

Don't let the length of this post keep you from reading it. :-)
It's kind of an overview of my update to GNOME-2.8. There's a
question at the bottom, and any advice/help/suggestions would
be appreciated.

A question about GNOME-2.8. After a complete installation, all appears
to work fine. I've got no issues that come to mind. I did not install
GnoneMeeting, as version 1.2 is right around the corner (December 13)
and I'll wait for this version, install it and update the book. I did
not install GDM either, as I boot to a console prompt and use startx.

A new package *must* be added to the "Additional Packages" section to
fully support Accessibility (libgail-gnome). The Accessibility functions
seem to work ok, but I receive console messages about this package
missing and some functionality is disabled. Even the screenreading
(gnome-speech, Gnopernicus) functionality works well.

There are probably a couple of other packages that should also be
installed in the additional packages section. I'll review these and
make this decision.

I'm hoping someone can shed some light on GDM (see my previous post).

Here's the question (problem/issue/callitwhatyoulike):

Some of the GNOME Panel icons, in *some* themes don't display
correctly. These are strictly the GNOME Panel icons. I receive a
message at GNOME startup as follows:

** (gnome-panel:15767): WARNING **: Unable to load panel stock icon 'gnome-run'
** (gnome-panel:15767): WARNING **: Unable to load panel stock icon 'gnome-screenshot'

And several more like this pointing to other icons.

I could/can not figure out what exactly is wrong. I went back and
reviewed the installation order and package version for the packages
involved (gnome-panel, gnome icon themes, hi-color icon, gnome themes)
and don't really notice anything glaring.

*Some* themes work okay. Googling didn't turn up anything. So, I
looked at the difference between the themes that work and the
themes that don't. What I discovered is that if I add the following
to the $GNOME_PREFIX/share/gnome-panelrc file, all works okay,
but I still get the message listed above:

pixmap_path "/opt/gnome-2.8/share/pixmaps"

style "panel-icons"
         stock ["panel-screenshot"] =    {{"gnome-screenshot.png"}}
         stock ["panel-gnome-logo"] =    {{"gnome-logo-icon-transparent.png"}}
         stock ["panel-cde"] =           {{"cdeappmenu.png"}}
         stock ["panel-launcher"] =      {{"launcher-program.png"}}
         stock ["panel-run"] =           {{"gnome-run.png"}}
         stock ["panel-drawer"] =        {{"panel-drawer.png"}}
         stock ["panel-main-menu"] =     {{"gnome-main-menu.png"}}
         stock ["panel-force-quit"] =    {{"panel-force-quit.png"}}

class "GtkWidget" style "panel-icons"

I'm not sure if this is due to my $GNOME_PREFIX being /opt/gnome-2.8
or what. If anyone can provide any additional information about
this, I would appreciate it.

If you've installed GNOME-2.8 and do or do not see this issue, please
reply and let me know. Especially desired is your $GNOME_PREFIX.



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