GDM Questions

Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Dec 2 19:13:22 PST 2004

Hi all,

Finally, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. The update to
GNOME-2.8 is almost complete. The last package to update is GDM,
but I'm confused about a couple of things.

First, the boot script (last updated 10/2, by DJ) has
/opt/gnome-2.4 listed in the path. This is *ages* old, even by
BLFS standards. We've been at 2.6 since I can remember. I don't
recall anybody posting anything that the bootscript needs to be

Does anyone use GDM?

The bootscript, as is, hasn't worked properly for I don't know
how long now.

Next, Alexander entered a bug in BZ about i18 not working correctly
with GDM. I can see the issue. GNOME looks for UTF-8 locales first,
then non-UTF-8 locales after that. Glibc installs UTF-8 locales.

Alex says it doesn't work correctly. I don't have a good opinion,
as I am weak with i18 issues and don't rightly know how to correct
the bug. Alex says we need to edit the /etc/gnome/gdm/locale.alias

There's ten zillion entries in this file, all with the UTF-8 locale
first, the non-UTF-8 locale listed after this. With the current LFS,
the UTF-8 locale will get picked up.

What is the proper correction for this?

1. Tell the user to modify the file for his specific locale and have
the non-UTF-8 alias get picked up?
2. Modify the existing /etc/gnome/gdm/locale.alias file to remove the
UTF-8 definitions?
3. Other suggestions?

Any help would be appreciated. I would sure like to close out the
GNOME-2.8 update entry in Bugzilla, and get on with adding a couple
of packages that need to be in the "Additional Packages" section,
and be done with GNOME.


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