LFS Bootscripts 3.0-rc1 released

Nathan Coulson conathan at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 14:29:43 PST 2004

alright, I believe this should be 3.0, [rc1 for now, until I know it
works perfectly].

I suggest that lfs-unstable be updated with this, until lfs 3.0

updated syslog.conf [I dont know how to do that]
move /usr/bin/logger to /bin/logger

CHANGES (since last beta release):
DJ made up a interactive bootup rc file, that I never looked at.  I
moved it to contrib for now

bootlog uses local1 instead of local0

  This introduces bootscript logging [although I think it got bloated
too much, but I tried discussing this without  many results].  if the
new boot_mesg function was ever used, then echo_{ok,warning,cancel}
will let it get dumped out to a logfile.

I wanted to make sure that standard BLFS bootscripts do not add
anything to the bootlog, as blfs is probably going to be following lfs
stable until they release the next blfs book.

Nathan Coulson (conathan)
nathan at linuxfromscratch org
conathan at gmail com

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