Kprint 3.1.2 - missing "Driver setting" tab

Alessio Medici amedici at
Fri May 30 01:10:22 PDT 2003

Hi all!
	I have installed an LFS/BLFS system starting from a Slackware 8.1
ditribution, using the pure LFS hint.

All gone well but I have a problem with Kprint 3.1.2: I can't see the "Driver
Setting" tab.

I have installed CUPS 1.1.18, with espgs 7.05.6 and hpijs 1.4 with the PPD file
for my HP 930C printer. The cups user and group are lp:lp. I use devfs.

The tab disappeared under the Slackware system when I upgradeed the hpijs,
but I thought that the kde 3.0.1 could not understand the PPD file (whose format
is changed, or it's seems to me). (under Slackware) shows the
"Driver Settings" tab.

I have searched in this mailing list and also in the KDE ones, but it seems I
am the only with this problem (as always :-).

An hint/link-to-resource/... will be very appreciated

Thank you very much

Alessio Medici
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