KDE LFS install script - feedback needed

Carl Menezes carleeto at fastmail.fm
Sat May 24 20:46:25 PDT 2003

Carl Menezes wrote:

> Hi All,
> Just thought I'd write a KDE compile and install script that basically
> uses the exact BLFS commands for the various KDE packages. Did it mainly
> for convenience since kde takes forever to compile - so I could leave this
> thing on overnight.
> I took the install commands from the BLFS 1.0 book.
> The script assmes you have all the kde packages you need in tar.bz2 format
> in one folder. It will extract, compile and install each component. You
> need to edit the script before you run it and enable/disable individual
> packages. I've also tried to make sure that it will not proceed with
> optional component installation if the core package builds fail.
> Since I also thought that the configure, make and make install output
> really was un-neccessary unless an error occured, the script sends all
> output to log files in the folder containing the tar.bz2 files. The name
> for the log files are of the format <package-name>-<configure OR make OR
> install>.log so you can check the output if an error occurs. Another
> reason I re-directed output to the log files was so that you can keep
> track of the entire installation process (the script outputs short status
> messages from time to time).
> Now I'm just a beginner at shell scripting and this is my first real
> script, so I'm sure there will be a lot of further optimization possible
> and maybe there are also some redundancies and bugs.
> That is the reason I'm posting the script here so that everyone on BLFS
> can scrutinize it and modify it if necessary. It's the best way of
> checking something - many minds are better than one :)
> So, here's the script...laid bare for all to see :)
> Hope it helps people who use KDE :)
> Looking forward to some feedback,
> Thanks,
> Carl
> PS > Just my way of saying thanks for a great distro :)

One more thing...this is NOT MEANT to be a release of a working version for
use. So, PLEASE DON'T take it for granted that it works :) I have tested it
in concept, and it should be ok, but DO NOT RUN IT unless you think it will
work AFTER examining the script fully.


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