KDE LFS install script - feedback needed

Carl Menezes carleeto at fastmail.fm
Sat May 24 20:37:34 PDT 2003

Hi All,

Just thought I'd write a KDE compile and install script that basically uses
the exact BLFS commands for the various KDE packages. Did it mainly for
convenience since kde takes forever to compile - so I could leave this
thing on overnight.

I took the install commands from the BLFS 1.0 book.

The script assmes you have all the kde packages you need in tar.bz2 format
in one folder. It will extract, compile and install each component. You
need to edit the script before you run it and enable/disable individual
packages. I've also tried to make sure that it will not proceed with
optional component installation if the core package builds fail.

Since I also thought that the configure, make and make install output really
was un-neccessary unless an error occured, the script sends all output to
log files in the folder containing the tar.bz2 files. The name for the log
files are of the format <package-name>-<configure OR make OR install>.log
so you can check the output if an error occurs. Another reason I
re-directed output to the log files was so that you can keep track of the
entire installation process (the script outputs short status messages from
time to time).

Now I'm just a beginner at shell scripting and this is my first real script,
so I'm sure there will be a lot of further optimization possible and maybe
there are also some redundancies and bugs.

That is the reason I'm posting the script here so that everyone on BLFS can
scrutinize it and modify it if necessary. It's the best way of checking
something - many minds are better than one :)

So, here's the script...laid bare for all to see :)

Hope it helps people who use KDE :)

Looking forward to some feedback,


PS > Just my way of saying thanks for a great distro :)
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