GCC-2.95 conflict with LFS

DJ Lucas dj at lucasit.com
Tue May 13 10:19:55 PDT 2003

Larry Lawrence wrote:
> Correct. Kernel modules appear to be our (BLFS's) biggest effect of PLFS.
> Larry

Don't want to discourage taking care of the problem above, but what 
about the status of gcc-3.3?  Is the recomended kernel compiler 
(gcc-2.95.3) going to go away with this release?  Just saying don't go 
through a whole big bunch of changes only to have to rip them out later. 
  Also, I googled and couldn't find any specific ways to tickle bugs in 
linux-2.4.x/gcc-3.2.x.  Perhaps I'm using the wrong search terms.  I did 
run across this 
which is an okay to use gcc-3.2 from AC.  Possibly biased, but thought 
it might be relevant/interesting/useless. :)


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