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On Sun, 2003-05-04 at 21:42, Erika Pacholleck wrote:
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> > DJB states conditions for using his software here:
> >
> > And there is a separate page for qmail here:
> >
> > DJB explains why we should use his choice of directories here:
> >
> This could maybe go into the introductional part
>    Mention the problem with the own view of the author
> 1. Add links like above for reading first the whole story

But the problem is - those links aren't really honest.
It mentions numerous ways of stopping apache, for example.
All those different ways are just wrappers to the way apache supports:

apachectl stop

Now - some linux distro's (such as Red Hat) have gone so far as to not
have their init script be a wrapper to the supported method -
but apachectl stop is THE OFFICIAL WAY to stop the apache daemon.

All daemontools does is add yet another wrapper method for
starting/stopping the apache daemon. But there is already an apache
aproved method that works on any operating system regardless of what
system you use - apachectl

He talks about "demanding cross platform compatibility.
No - what he demands is that it be done his way and only his way.

He's egotistical (so am I - that's not so bad ;) and he is dishonest in
his propaganda for his product - and that I don't like.

Here's a quote:
I used to think that UNIX integrators introduced frivolous
incompatibilities because they simply didn't understand the costs. But
I've realized that the problem runs deeper: they like the costs. UNIX
integrators are competing with each other for new UNIX users; each
integrator wants its users to stick to its system.

That is an unfair statement and a lie. Unix integrators are not doing
things the way they are doing them to increase the costs. Rather, they
are doing them because they have a specification as to how daemons are
started and stopped for their operating system and they integrate things
like apache into that method - JUST LIKE djb wants to integrate things
like apache into HIS method.

Here's another false statement from his page:
In short, UNIX integrators have thrown away the efficiencies of the mass
market. Diehard UNIX fans adapt; most users and system administrators
give up in disgust.

Again - that is incorrect. UNIX integrators do things according to how
they are specified for their unix, and no - most users and system
administrators do NOT give up in disgust. That is a false statement. Yet
another non truth in trying to push his method.

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