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Sun May 4 21:42:08 PDT 2003

[02.05.2003] Larry Lawrence <-- :
> There are a few underlying themes that could be presented through the book.
> First, standards are good, but someone will always challege the standard.
> Second, sometimes the challenger is right.  Third, the user will ultimately
> choose the best solution which then must be incorporated into the standard.

After all this discussion - and I leave aside now my personal view.
generally LFS is about learning to build up your own system (and not
about distro rules ...); so if someone learned his LFS lesson BLFS
should be an addition and offer alternates what to maybe add, here we
have choice too, with regard to what package and where/how to install
them. So what about this:

[02.05.2003] richard at <-- :
> DJB states conditions for using his software here:
> And there is a separate page for qmail here:
> DJB explains why we should use his choice of directories here:

This could maybe go into the introductional part
   Mention the problem with the own view of the author
1. Add links like above for reading first the whole story
   If the user decides to go with the default:
2. I assume original installation instructions will be simple a triple
   If the user decides to rather stick to his own/lfs layout
3. Mention those changes which have to be considered

With reference to daemontools there could be something like, you don't
really need it on a standard LFS system (syv blah ...) and a short
mention of dis/advantages.

This way you do not need to throw out anything, you help the user to
make his decision (without having to download the stuff first and then
see, it's not what he wants), and you provide some considerations to
watch if he wants to keep his LFS "cleanly" structured.

Just some thoughts.
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