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Michael A. Peters mpeters at
Sun May 4 15:38:46 PDT 2003

On Sun, 2003-05-04 at 07:47, Matt Rogers wrote:
> IMHO, 
> removing qmail is A Bad Idea (tm). It's one of the fastest and most secure 
> MDAs I've seen.

The postfix instructions should include setting it up for chroot.
Very secure, certainly not less than qmail.

And AFAIK qmail can be run from a traditional method as well.

> Red 
> Hat was the first distro I've seen that used chkconfig,

Red Hat was the first to make it into a binary - at least in Linux.
It was a shell script in some distro's before Red Hat wrote code, and I
believe it was in SCO Unix originally.

>  and even with that 
> it's still a pain in the ass to manage the symlinks (IMO). AFICT, you're 
> misinterpreting what daemontools is supposed to be used for. daemontools does 
> not manage symlinks, but functions more like init.

And why do we something that functions like init when we already have
sysV init? Just for qmail? Sorry - I don't think so.

> Yup, you have to use his software. But he is correct. inittabs and ttys and 
> init.d and rc.local differ from Solaris to Linux to the BSDs.  They may not 
> differ much between linux distros, but that's not what he's talking about. 

It is trivial to set up Solaris init scripts to be like Linux.
No more complicated than installing his software.

> So you want to give us a real reason why the DJB stuff shouldn't included? 

Yes. It's not needed.
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