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On Fri, 2 May 2003, Larry Lawrence wrote:

> I'll show a little of my generationism by stating that "rules are meant to
> be flexible", so fair warning, I'm going way out on a limb here.
> I keep having thoughts about letting DJB utilities build "the way the author
> intended".  Of course that means throw FHS to the wind, and send LBS a
> packing (sorry, this does not make me cry, adopting 'rpm' was a big
> mistake).  BTW, some would say I already throw FHS to the wind, but that's a
> different flame war.
> There are a few underlying themes that could be presented through the book.
> First, standards are good, but someone will always challege the standard.
> Second, sometimes the challenger is right.  Third, the user will ultimately
> choose the best solution which then must be incorporated into the standard.
> So the question is this.  Are we doing DJB Utilities a disservice by
> relocating all the files just like every other distrobution AND would
> installing these utilities as the author intended harm any of our current
> packages?

I don't care about doing DJB a disservice, since he chooses to make
things more difficult by ignoring FHS, providing little/no "user
friendly" documentation (IIRC, we have to go to a thrid party to get
any). Since his stuff only duplicates (functionally) facilities
available from other packages that are available with good docs and do
allow easy FHS conformance...

I would be more concerned that we may be doing the LFSer a disservice by
makeing these changes. If the LFSer wnats to use DJB stuff, and if the
LFSer is successful in finding/acquiring good documentation, it seems to
me that the LFSer way is eased if the primary install instructions in
the BLFS book match what the poor LFSer will be referencing (docs and so

So for me, I would rather see the primary instructions work as DJB
intended and have a hint/section that helps one achieve FHS compliance
is one wants.


> Larry

Bill Maltby
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