Network sections #s 318 and 320

DJ Lucas dj at
Sun Jun 29 11:45:08 PDT 2003

Larry wrote:
> I finally looked at both. 320 is worth a shot. I couldn't see that it
> missed anything obvious, so we can put it in and find out if anything IS
> missing.

Okay..attached to the bug, is the new patch for 320 (using ifconfig).

> On 318, does it go in nfs-utils or up in after-lfs. What were your
> thoughts.

Same with scripts attached.  It's cleaner, but still not sure 
wether to separate each fs or just to drop them all at one time.  So the 
two variants are attached in bugzilla. As far as placement, I'm kinda 
thinking that it goes in the After LFS section because it really has 
nothing to do with the server section (where samba and nfs-utils 
belong).  Maybe even better in the connecting to networks section 
somehow.  That bug could be put on hold till the clients are done 
anyhow.  I'll look back at it after I get a network card that works with 
Novell 6 and get my ncp notes taken care of.  (Of the 14 NICs I have, 
not one of them will tag up.  Several of the same work with addon 
drivers in Netware 5???)


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