"set hidden" to vimrc

Csaba Henk tphhec01 at degas.ceu.hu
Tue Jun 24 06:57:03 PDT 2003

In article <20030624060516.GA977 at gebo.reo.de>, Erika Pacholleck wrote:
> [23.06.2003] Csaba Henk <-- :
>> >From the moment I began to use vim I felt it braindead that before you change
>> buffers, you have to save the current buffer or you loose changes. Now it
>> turned out that there is a solution: applying "set hidden". IMHO it's such a
>> basic comfortability setting that this should go to the BLFS vimrc.
> There are a lot more settings if you want to use vim with ... which
> would be a basic comfortability then (if not even required). I for
> example consider it absolutely necessary, that the status line displays
> at least the hex value for a character (if that one can't be printed
> correctly).
> But to my mind this is a matter of adjusting vim to your own needs.
> For someone who never changes buffers, for someone who never uses
> mixed "languages", all this is not necessary. And it can't be the task
> of BLFS to consider what a user may need or not.

This could be told about any of the BLFS vimrc settings. I think the BLFS
vimrc settings are to show some options which are hard to collect and not to
to consider what a user may need or not. It's quite subjective where is the
limit of over-customization. You can think "set hidden" is an
over-customization. I just wanted to tell about it in hope you will agree.


In for a penny, in for a pound
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