"set hidden" to vimrc

Erika Pacholleck pchllck at nexgo.de
Mon Jun 23 23:05:16 PDT 2003

[23.06.2003] Csaba Henk <-- :
> >From the moment I began to use vim I felt it braindead that before you change
> buffers, you have to save the current buffer or you loose changes. Now it
> turned out that there is a solution: applying "set hidden". IMHO it's such a
> basic comfortability setting that this should go to the BLFS vimrc.

There are a lot more settings if you want to use vim with ... which
would be a basic comfortability then (if not even required). I for
example consider it absolutely necessary, that the status line displays
at least the hex value for a character (if that one can't be printed

But to my mind this is a matter of adjusting vim to your own needs.
For someone who never changes buffers, for someone who never uses
mixed "languages", all this is not necessary. And it can't be the task
of BLFS to consider what a user may need or not.
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