Notes on the DocBook installation in BLFS book

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Mon Jun 23 22:04:41 PDT 2003

Hi guys,

I just installed the various docbook, dsssl, openjade, OpenSP and all
that other stuff on the LFS server. I've had to make a few modifications
in order to render the LFS and BLFS books. Here's a list of changes I've

First of all, I got an error that /usr/share/docbook/docbookx.dtd
couldn't be found. So I added the symlink /usr/share/docbook pointing to
/usr/share/xml/docbook. I'm not entirely sure where the error came from,
so there just might be a better way and fix it at the root. Error in a
catalog file maybe?

Next, "CATALOG /usr/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl-stylesheets-1.78/catalog"
is missing. Without it, openjade throws a fit that the system identifier
can't be generated and things go downhill from there. I added this to
the /etc/sgml/ file after I finished installing openjade
(can, and probably should be taken care of during the dsssl installation
but I can't remember off hand which files in /etc/sgml exist at that
point. Again it should probably be cleaned up and put in a more
appropriate place, but for now it just works):

install-catalog --add \

At this point I'm able to convert LFS and BLFS books into HTML, albeit
it with two kinds of warnings:

	number of ID references in start-tag must not exceed GRPCNT (32)
	length of interpreted parameter literal must not exceed LITLEN (240)

The easiest way out out is editing the
/usr/share/sgml/OpenSP-1.5/unicode.syn file as follows:

Add a GRPCNT variable so it doesn't default to 32. I opted for 64. I
just made it up, it seemed good enough (GRPCNT 64 appears in other files
in the OpenSP-1.5 directory to it seems good enough):

	echo "GRPCNT 64" >> /usr/share/sgml/OpenSP-1.5/unicode.syn

And update LITLEN's value of '240' to something higher. I changed it to
500. I just made up the number, it seemed high enough:

	sed -i '/LITLEN/s/240/500/ \

Now the disclaimer: I hope I got it all right. I'm afraid I didn't take
notes while I was hacking around files and catalogs to get things right.
I was not willing to setup the old docbook installation I've been using
for LFS for so long now. It's just too nasty. I will redo this
installation on another computer soon enough and will test out these
changes as well to make sure I didn't skip anything. But I have no idea
when I'll get around that. I'll incorporate that during my next LFS test
build, which should take place soon enough.

Also I just noticed I did not install the sgml-dtd packages. I do not
know if that would have made a difference or not. Maybe somebody can
enlighten me.

Anyways, if somebody can help test this claim that would be great.
Install all the usual components: sgml-common, docbook-dsssl,
docbook-xml, openjade, opensp, libxslt, libxml and whatever else I
missed from this list. Render the LFS/BLFS book and the FAQ and see the
errors show up. Then apply my changes and try again. The FAQ should not
get any errors at any time, so is a good test nothing is being screwed

Gerard Beekmans

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