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Dagmar d'Surreal dagmar.wants at nospam.com
Fri Jun 20 11:27:22 PDT 2003

On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 12:56, DJ Lucas wrote:
> Not in cvs book..not sure if it's necessary.  Just saw it out there and 
> figured I'd pass it on.  From May 9, 2003
> http://ftp.xfree86.org/pub/XFree86/4.3.0/fixes/4.3.0-

(copied from outta the diff)

+XFree86 (9 May 2003)
+ 987. Fix a FreeBSD/alpha build problem (#5679, Fred Clift).
+ 986. Fix SiliconMotion driver for mode switching and SEGV problem when
+      initializing Xv functionality (Bugzilla #50, Alan Hourihane).
+ 985. Fix a SEGV that can happen with Riva128 cards (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 984. Prevent a SIGFPE with the glint/pm3 driver when attempting to
+      an XVideo image less than 8 pixels wide (M<E5>ns Rullg<E5>rd).
+ 983. Fix double free bug when a Mac-specific font fails to load with
+      Freetype (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 982. Check for NULL tObj in the i830 3D driver's TexEnv function. 
+      fixes a FlightGear crash (Keith Whitwell).
+ 981. Fix lockup on server reset in radeon driver
+      (Michel D<E4>nzer, Keith Whitwell).
+ 980. Set Mesa hooks to flush vertices on state changes in Radeon 3D
+      (Keith Whitwell).
+ 979. Fix to prevent PCI and CardBus resets when switching out of the
+      virtual console (Marc La France).
+ 978. Fix infinite loop that occurs on systems whose PCI configuration
+      doesn't advertise a host bridge (Marc La France).
+ 977. Workaround for broken devices that don't implement the header
type field
+      in their PCI configuration space (Marc La France).
+ 976. Fix programming error in ix86 motherboard chipset determination
+      (Marc La France).
+ 975. Fix bug in mode validation that occurs when the XF86Config
+      specify any mode or virtual resolution information (Marc La
+ 974. Another int10 fix.  This time for adapters found at PCI:0:0:0. 
+      fix is particularly important for ZX1-based systems (Marc La
+ 973. int10 fix for all ix86 non-Linux systems (Marc La France).
+ 972. Fix compatibility problem between modules generated without the
+      setjmp/longjmp work and a server generated using glibc <= 2.2.*
+      (Marc La France).
+ 971. setjmp/longjmp related fixes for Linux/libc5 systems (Marc La
+ 970. Make setjmp/longjmp emulation save/restore blocked signal masks
on all
+      libc5 & glibc systems (Marc La France).
+ 969. Fix setjmp/longjmp emulation for glibc 2.2.[01] systems and
+      HasGlibc21Sigsetjmp override (Marc La France).
+ 968. setjmp/longjmp-related compilation fixes for libc5 systems
+      (Marc La France).
+ 967. Fix possible overflow in _XlcLocaleDirName. (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 966. Fix XDarwin build broken by #960 (Shantonu Sen).
+ 965. Fix StaticColor colormap on Darwin/x86 6.x (Rob Braun).

It looks to me like the majority of people can just skip this patch
outright, with the exception of some ATI users.
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