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Fri Jun 20 10:14:05 PDT 2003

On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 01:52, Ronald Hummelink wrote:
> On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 08:01, Michael A. Peters wrote:
> > Gtk2-Perl satisfied the wants of gimp - at least gimp configured and
> > compiled no errors. I'm using gimp 1.3.15 so I don't know if using
> > Gtk2-Perl would be a good substitute for the blfs Gimp - but using the
> > newer Gtk2-Perl would eliminate the issues of the abandoned Gtk-Perl
> > module.
> Gimp 1.3.x is the port to gtk2. Maybe this is why it is satisfied by the
> gtk2-perl ;)?

Nope.  Gimp-1.3 doens't actually require any kind of perl or python
bindings, which is why it's not been complaining.  Gtk-perl is fairly
messed up in places and not likely to ever be fixed, and frankly,
there's no sense in trying to build it manually when the CPAN module can
make it as functional as it's going to get.

Gtk2-perl stayed in limbo for quite some time, and then some bright
people came and straightened out the big problem that was holding things
up and it's working much better now, but no one is using it.  A word of
caution, gtk2-perl-20 and 20 betas are not compatible with older
versions (with a number like that, no doubt) and will bring you pain if
you try to get them working with Glade or something.  At the moment,
there's no _working_ Glade2 solution for Perl that I've found so I'd
give Glade::Perl::Two some more time to cook before trying it if you dev
interfaces with that.

> Gimp 1.3.x is marked unstable/developer version. Maybe it shouldn't be
> normative for a package in blfs?

At the moment, it's still in the "occasionally dies off" stage, with no
really obvious bugs anymore.  It'll probably be ready for 1.4 in
September/November when Gnome goes 2.4.  This having been said, I still
use it for my image editing, mainly because even if it does die off on
me about once a month, it beats the hell out of Gimp-1.2.x for sheer
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