Michael A. Peters mpeters at
Thu Jun 19 23:01:08 PDT 2003

My understanding is that the only reason Gtk-Perl is in the blfs book is
for the Gimp.

Gtk-Perl hasn't been updated in a LONG time and has some serious issues.

Just recently (today) I uninstalled Gimp and Gtk-Perl (Gimp is the only
package I have that needs it - though I may build dvd::rip in the near

I found Gtk2-Perl - which (unlike Gtk-Perl) is in active development.
You can download it from

perl Makefile.PL took a long time - but no errors.
make and make install went without a hitch - though I should not that
the first time I ran perl Makefile.PL it complained that it couldn't
find Inline::Files

I installed that (It needs Inline but I already had that) and then had
no issues with Gtk2-Perl.

Gtk2-Perl satisfied the wants of gimp - at least gimp configured and
compiled no errors. I'm using gimp 1.3.15 so I don't know if using
Gtk2-Perl would be a good substitute for the blfs Gimp - but using the
newer Gtk2-Perl would eliminate the issues of the abandoned Gtk-Perl

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