Michael A. Peters mpeters at
Sun Jun 15 02:16:07 PDT 2003

There's a couple notes relating to the gdm instructions in the blfs cvs
book (cvs on website anyway)

1) adding the gdm user
When you add the gdm user - you give it a shell of /bin/bash

It's generally not a good idea to give users that don't actually log in
a valid shell. Some need it (postmaster for postgres if I recall - bin
awhile since I set up a postgres server) but most don't.

I set up my gdm to have /bin/false as the login shell.
It seems to work very well that way, and is safer than having a valid

2) starting gdm
In the blfs book - gdm is started with an init script.
There's actually a better way to do it - right from the inittab

Add this to end of the inittab:

# Run xdm in runlevel 5

(of course the path will depend on actual path to gdm on users system)

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