Chapter 3. After LFS ... Issues - Creating a custom bootdisk

Jeroen Coumans jeroencoumans at
Thu Jun 12 18:16:07 PDT 2003

Bill's LFS Login said the following on 06/13/03 02:53:
<snip good suggestions>
> A couple last notes. It seems to me that it is rediculous for LFS to
> help one create a basic platform without some kind of backup/recovery
> tool - especially one as basic and critical as a recovery or boot
> floppy. I feel strongly that we should lobby to get a basic boot
> diskette into LFS book. Am I off base? Is it worth bringing that up on
> the LFS dev list? I really don't feel like using a lot of bandwidth just
> to start a thread that may be known doomed to failure at the outset.
<more snips, sorry Bill>

I don't think you can get the LFS editors to add this to LFS... they're 
very picky about adding things. A basic LFS system is enough to create a 
bootdisk, so you could argue it's allready feature-complete in that way. 
If one requires instructions to do so, there's BLFS.

Jeroen Coumans

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