Idea for enhancing BLFS

conathan at conathan at
Tue Jun 3 22:15:45 PDT 2003

Ok,  here we go.  [This idea is probably a bad one, but perhaps someone
will like it]

I recently installed MPlayer [and I like to script stuff, so I can install
it the same way later and eventualy perfect it], and I noticed how there
were things that had to go into the user's home directory.  (Note: I am
farely certain other packages are like this, but I havent ventured into
media stuff until now).

In my scripts, I just used /etc/skel, [whatever is in /etc/skel will apper
in a user's home directory with -m (or some other letter of the
alphabet)].  Sortof nicer to work with for me.  (The user I personally use
is not usually created at this point).

Now, I think there are 2 sides to this.

a) Handy, as there can be multiple users.  You dont have to configure for
each one [at later dates either]

b) Prefer to configure for each individual user, as each user has
different needs, and perhaps not even part of your system.

Personally I like to tinker... but I like these scripts I am creating
[only for my personal use though].  On my own system, anyone who has an
account, will probably use all the same programs, so that is why I use the

I dont know.  [just an idea, as I have said above, even if I dont really
think anyone will even like it]
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