Michael A. Peters mpeters at
Mon Jun 2 19:59:13 PDT 2003

gnome-setup-tools is a candidate for inclusion in gnome 2.4 but may not
make it in until gnome 2.6 - but at any rate, I've deviated my system
enough from lfs/blfs (I don't even have /etc/sysconfig for example) that
my own personal patches to gnome-setup-tools won't work for standard
lfs/blfs installs.

But someone might want to look at porting it to lfs/blfs since it is
headed for inclusion in the gnome desktop environment.

You don't need any glade knowledge, and the Perl you need is really easy
to pick up (pretty basic Perl).

If someone here doesn't want to do it, I may go ahead and do it (though
it will mean building a stock lfs/blfs for testing) - but if someone
with a by-the-book build wants to do it - it would be nice.

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