/usr/src/linux: make version.h

Nathan Ladd nathanladd at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 31 20:21:57 PST 2003

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> Nathan Ladd wrote:
>>The latest alsa errored out in ./configure complaining about version.h not
>>existing.  version.h is made when we set up the linux kernel headers at
>>the beginning of Chapter 6 in the LFS book, but make mrproper deletes it.
>>Since we make mrproper when we compile our kernel, we always need to make
>>include/linux/version.h whenever we install alsa.
>>Whenever the alsa instructions get updated, this *should* get put in. 
>>Then again, if I'm the only person who's having this problem, get your
>>clue-by-fours ready ;)
> Interesting.  I just did alsa-rc3 with no problems whatsoever.  I
> haven't tried rc7 though.  BTW, I never to make mrproper.  I just delete
> the directory and re-extract as necessary.  That makes it cleaner than
> mrproper.  (I do save .config first.)
>   -- Bruce

I meant to post this as a new thread but made a mistake...

I've encountered other packages that wanted version.h from the usr/src/linux
directory.  I'm assuming the issue is that make include/linux/version.h is
done for the headers that we copy in that section of early Chapter 6.  The
only issue is for packages that need the full kernel source.  Such packages
are too rare to warrant any change in lfs, but it seems perfect for blfs
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