Alsa instructions

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Wed Jan 29 20:47:24 PST 2003

Just going thru the book rebuilding as I go for KDE 3-1...

I believe the alsa instructions neet a bit of massaging.  They are 
broken into five parts, but only three are required:
alsa-drivers, alsa-libs, and alsa-utils.   Of the others alsa-tools 
looks OK, but alsa-oss is a placeholder.  

One problem I found is that alsa-drivers is a prereq for alsautils, but 
the config instructions for alsa-drivers says to run alsactl which is 
not built until alsa-utils.  Catch-22.  The config in also drivers needs 
to be moved to alsa-utils.

There is also a section in alsa-utils that talks about configuration, 
but says:

    Configuring alsa-utils

      Config files

*List of config files*

      Configuration Information

*USERINPUT GOES HERE* Blah blah blah about config.

I believe Mark wrote this section, but I'm not sure.  I can fix, but I 
don't want to step on someone else's work.
  -- Bruce

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