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> On January 28, 2003 11:18 pm, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> > Of course zlib is necessary for libmng.  But zlib is now installed
> > in LFS by default.  We haven't been listing programs installed in
> > LFS as dependencies.  I felt it should be removed for consistency.
> >
> > Does that change any minds?
> Actually I would still leave it listed. I think the idea of deps. is
> that you want to show people what you need installed, or maybe more
> to the point _leave_ installed to have that package remain working.
> zlib might be in the
> LFS book but what if:
> 1) you don't install zlib with the book
> 2) decide you don't need zlib so you want to uninstall it not knowing
> that libmng needs it.

I'll have to agree with Bruce on this on. Otherwise there is a myriad of
dependencies to list. To me it makes more since to say:
 "This book assumes an LFSx.x or greater installed base system. All
dependencies listed are above and beyond what you installed with LFS."

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