Please revert the freetype zlib stuff

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Mon Jan 27 21:34:44 PST 2003

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> Greg Schafer wrote:
>> There is nothing wrong with the instructions themselves, but they 
>> lead to a
>> somewhat broken build system as evidenced by the myriad problem reports.
>> I believe BLFS is doing a dis-service to the public by leaving those
>> instructions on the web.
> Ok.  I'll fix it.  But which way? 
> 1.  Use the CVS version of freetype.
> 2.  Put a warning in freetype about the problem.  (I'll do this 
> tonight, but can change it tomorrow, if necessary.)
> 3.  Put a warning/fix in XFree86 about the problem. (There are other 
> packages that have the problem.)
> 4.  Use the internal version of freetype for XFree86.
> BTW, the problem is in the FAQ.
>  -- Bruce
Following up to my own post, this is what I did.  In freetype2 I removed 
the sed command that says to use the system zlib.  This should use 
freetype's copy of zlib.  I'll put it back when the next version of 
freetype2 is released.

This should fix the problem and automatically revert to a system zlib 
when the next version of freetype is built with the SYSTEM_ZLIB define 
in ftoption.h.

I also removed the BYTECODE sed because of recommendations I've seen 
here and on the freetype2 site.

If anyone thinks of a better solution, please let me know.

  -- Bruce

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