GPM 1.20.1 problems

Billy O'Connor billyoc at
Tue Jan 21 14:25:10 PST 2003

gschafer at (Greg Schafer) writes:

>> > Only happens with -Os
>> Bingo, sure does.  Now what, is exporting LDFLAGS="-lm" good enough?
> I dunno. You're the programmer around here so you go figure it out :-)

ROFL!  I did!  I emailed the maintainer with the patch to ;)

> Common sense tells me that if a program includes math.h then it should link
> against -lm. But there may be reasons why that is not true.

> But I don't understand why it works when not compiled with -Os. I just
> discovered it fails when compiling with no optimisation at all (-O0) so
> maybe the ceil rounding function gets optimized away by the compiler or
> sumthin??

Yeah, time for gcc-bugs, I guess.
I hate going there.

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