postgresql startup script

Stephan Johach hunsum at
Tue Jan 21 13:23:27 PST 2003


I recently installed postgresql as described in the 
blfs chapter.

After all i got problems with the database daemon not
terminating on shutdown. This led to a failed umount
so the partion was checked on the next system startup.
Dunno exactly what's going wrong but after 
reading the postgresql documentation I found an 
IMHO smarter solution.



to control the database daemon. Using this in my
startup script solved the problem.

Now the next problem arises. I was'nt able to connect
to the database with knoda. knoda is a database client
for KDE.

The postmaster daemon has to be called with the -i 
option to allow incoming TCP/IP connections. This should 
at least be mentioned in the installation instructions
to avoid confusion since we already provide a startup script, 
so the user expects some basic functionalty.

Attached is my modified startup script. Use it if you like.


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