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Tushar Teredesai tushar at
Sat Jan 18 21:55:01 PST 2003

Larry Lawrence wrote:

>On Sat, 18 Jan 2003 21:02:59 +0000, Tushar Teredesai wrote:
>>That's the point of the re-org, not to provide cut-paste style commands 
>>but provide more information in what is happening and to provide 
>>options. The way it currently is it more resembles a build script not a 
>>book. Compare an hint with its corresponding blfs-book page, the hint is 
>>always easier to understand and the user can customize the building of 
>>the package to his/her requirement. The reorg actually makes more sense 
>>for the blfs-book then the lfs-book. Most of the lfs packages don't have 
>>a wide variety of options that blfs packages have.
>I would suggest taking little steps towards expanding the installation
>instructions.  For example, I would still stick with one build path. A
Yep, the default as with most instructions is to install the entire 
package with most sensible options turned on.

>I don't have a problem
>breaking up the cut and paste, but if the series needs no explanation, the
>technique should be used.
Yep, that's how the lfs-book does it.

>I can see the benefit of incorporating the
>explanations into the instructions and we can do that gradually if we
>decide to do it.
Agree. By keeping a format similar to the current one, the changes can 
be done gradually as and when the packages are updated in the book and 
when the respective editors have time.

>I just don't see making big changes until Mark fills us in on his vision. 
/me eagerly looks forward to hearing his (and others) views.
/me awaiting my first "cvs ci" :-)

Tushar Teredesai

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