Emacs 21.2 extremely slow start

Dag Gruneau dag.gruneau at zobra.se
Sat Jan 18 06:48:59 PST 2003

does anyone know what to look for when emacs takes so long to start.
I timed emacs, both running in an lfs sandbox and a booted lfs 4.0
with the same result. I compare with emacs started in KDE whith all X

root:/usr/src/lfs-extra/emacs-21.2# time emacs --kill

real    0m5.133s
user    0m0.080s
sys     0m0.030s

In SuSe 8.1 with KDE running:
gruneau:/home/dag # time emacs -nw --kill

real    0m0.441s
user    0m0.290s
sys     0m0.080s

The lfs is just built so it a very basic system, no tuning or changes made.
The above test is made at the same time with lfs-sandbox running under SuSe 

Hope for a Hint ;-)


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