Xfree86 w/freetype fix

Tobias Stöckmann tai.stoeck at web.de
Sat Jan 18 06:33:17 PST 2003

blfs-dev at linuxfromscratch.org schrieb am 18.01.03 08:07:19:
> I kept received an inflate error during the build of xfree86 using freetype
> and xfree as stated in the book. The common problem seems to be that zlib
> was not being accepted. Here is how I got around this issue.
> cd /usr/src/xc/config/cf && cp X11.tmpl{,.orig}
> cd /usr/src/xc/config/cf && sed -e 's|-lfreetype|-lz -lfreetype|g' \
>                                                  X11.tmpl.orig > X11.tmpl

This error occurs on my system very often, too. Another way to resolve it
is to change

# make install


# make CC="gcc -lz" install

This way I was able to compile all freetype-programs.
(for example xawtv-3.82)
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