CUPS and Ghostcript in CVS

Richard A Downing richard.downing at
Fri Jan 17 02:15:28 PST 2003

The CUPS page correctly states that ghostscript is a dependency to print on
non-postscript printers.  The Ghostscript-8.00 page *fails* to state that a
patch is also required, and that there is currently no patch available for
ghostscript-8.00. (Unless , of course, you know different, in which case
can I have a pointer?)

Do you plan to fix this, as it is the instructions are broken? IMHO :-)

Are you planning to have instructions for gimp-print drivers for CUPS?

I don't think this part of the book is very well designed.  The instructions
are OK in themselves, but unless you have a very simple set up, and an
easy, i.e. postcsript, printer this doesn't do the job.

I don't like carping from the sidelines, but last time I asked this was
assigned and my suggestions of this list were not taken up.


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