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Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee highos at
Thu Jan 16 14:20:30 PST 2003


On Thu, Jan 16, 2003 at 09:49:30PM -0000, Archaic wrote:
> not. Second, I was wondering why the choice to provide a sample smb.conf
> that sets up a PDC as opposed to a workstation share. Plus the packaged
> sample is really well commented. The last thing I was wondering was  the

Ohhh, yes, yes, yes.  Now that you mention it, id like to support the idea
of having a 'simple' workstation/desktop like configuration.  I'm sure
there's lots of people tha want a full-blown PDC setup when they install
samba, however for the most part, you don't *need* this :)

At the last LAN party I was at/helped host, I ended up spending a few
hours (which sucks :D) digging up and adding these three options to my
smb.conf so that it would play nice with all the 2k/xp/98se boxes;

    preferred master = no
    domain master = no
    local master = no

Not really a big deal, as honestly anyone that installs and uses samba,
should be configuring there smb.conf properly... but well :)

> Thanks and keep up the great work!

Long time dude, long time.  Nice to see ya-yet again :)

Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee  ( highos at linuxfromscratch dot org )
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