Samba instructions

Archaic archaic at
Thu Jan 16 13:49:30 PST 2003

Hey guys, been a while since I've perused the BLFS pages and I just
wanted to say great job! There's probably twice as much stuff there now
than there was when I last built BLFS. As far as the samba page goes, I
was wondering about the layout and other things. 2.2.7a symlinks
smbmount to /sbin/mount.smbfs. Didn't know if you were aware of that or
not. Second, I was wondering why the choice to provide a sample smb.conf
that sets up a PDC as opposed to a workstation share. Plus the packaged
sample is really well commented. The last thing I was wondering was  the
/etc/samba/private dir. Shouldn't we just put those files in /etc/samba?
/etc contains both config and db files so I figured /etc/samba could as
well. Just wondering, I didn't see much in the mailing lists about this
so I thought I'd mention it.

PS, I'm not subscribed, so please CC me. :)

Thanks and keep up the great work!

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