PHP Build Instructions

J_Man jeremy at
Thu Jan 16 10:14:52 PST 2003

> Anyways, if you want to help that would be great, as i've been planning
> on resolving this issue as soon as i'm done my exams, having these bugs
> assigned to me for nearly a year is getting absurd.


Well, since I am going to be doing my PHP build in the next few days, I 
don't see any reason at all why I couldn't notate down the stuff I do, 
and send it off to you.  Drop me a line off list and let me know just 
what all you DO have done - PHP has so many dependencies, options, etc 
etc that that page will be probably one of the most in depth ones.


I've heard it said that there are two types of *NIX admins, those that
have done something EXTREMELY stupid while logged in as root, and
those that WILL do something extremely stupid while logged in as root.

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