PHP Build Instructions

J_Man jeremy at
Thu Jan 16 00:55:18 PST 2003

Hey BLFS'ers -

I was browsing the BLFS stuff tonite as I build my new LFS for my 
server, and I notice that PHP still doesn't have build instructions for 
it.  Is anyone currently actually working on PHP install instructions? 
If not, I know PHP pretty well, know most of the things necessary for 
it, and would be more than happy to write it up.  I will admit, I'm not 
fully up on FHS compliance, so would probably need some help from you 
guys who are more knowledgable about FHS in that aspect.

Also, perhaps I could do a write up on Apache 2 - I've been using it for 
a while now, and it seems pretty stable for me, we could put it 
alongside the existing Apache 1 instructions, and give people a choice 
on whether they want to play with the newest and greatest.

Let me know if you want me to tackle this, and I can probably have 
something for you guys by the end of the weekend, as I'm going to have 
to build PHP and Apache 2 soon for the server.


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