unzip: shorter installation-command + text-typos

Richard Lightman richard at nezumi.plus.com
Tue Jan 14 06:48:43 PST 2003

* Tobias Stöckmann <tai.stoeck at web.de> [2003-01-14 14:22]:
> There's a shorter way to compile unzip-5.50:
> # make -f unix/Makefile linux &&
> # make prefix=/usr linux install
> This way, ./Makefile will be created as a symbolic link to unix/Makefile
> during "make -f unix/Makefile linux", so "-f unix/Makefile" can be
> omitted during make install.
Now that you have tested that thoroughly, how about doing it all again
using the shared zlib target? There is a name clash with zlib for
linux_shlibz, but I fixed it with the attached patch.

The makefile is thoroughly broken for installation with DESTDIR, so I
rarely test 'make install', but is is also broken if you do not use
DESTDIR. The patch should fix installation without DESTDIR.

Your CFLAGES get ignored unless you put them in LOCAL_UNZIP eg:

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diff -urN unzip-5.50/api.c unzip-5.50-rcl/api.c
--- unzip-5.50/api.c	Thu Nov 22 23:43:26 2001
+++ unzip-5.50-rcl/api.c	Sat Sep 28 14:31:51 2002
@@ -48,6 +48,11 @@
 #include "unzvers.h"
+/* This is defined as zlibVersion() in zlib.h version 1.1.4 */
+#ifdef   zlib_version
+#  undef zlib_version
 #ifdef DLL      /* This source file supplies DLL-only interface code. */
 jmp_buf dll_error_return;
diff -urN unzip-5.50/unix/Makefile unzip-5.50-rcl/unix/Makefile
--- unzip-5.50/unix/Makefile	Sat Feb 16 17:00:38 2002
+++ unzip-5.50-rcl/unix/Makefile	Sat Sep 28 14:32:44 2002
@@ -818,6 +818,7 @@
 	ln -sf crc_gcc.pic.o crc32.pic.o
 	gcc -shared -Wl,-soname,libunzip.so.0 -o libunzip.so.0.4 $(OBJSDLL)
 	ln -sf libunzip.so.0.4 libunzip.so.0
+	ln -sf libunzip.so.0.4 libunzip.so
 	gcc -c -O unzipstb.c
 	gcc -o unzip unzipstb.o -L. -lunzip -lz

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