unzip: shorter installation-command + text-typos

Tobias Stöckmann tai.stoeck at web.de
Tue Jan 14 06:22:44 PST 2003

There's a shorter way to compile unzip-5.50:

# make -f unix/Makefile linux &&
# make prefix=/usr linux install

This way, ./Makefile will be created as a symbolic link to unix/Makefile
during "make -f unix/Makefile linux", so "-f unix/Makefile" can be
omitted during make install.

I compared the log-files, which were created during compilation. Except of
an error which appears due to "cp unix/Makefile ." (see below) there
is no difference. Also a md5-checksum of installed files are the same.
This means, "make -f unix/Makefile linux" doesn't need the "prefix=/usr".

An error will disappear during make (first line):
ln: `./Makefile': File exists

Also there are little typos in "Command explanation":
make prefix=/usr linux:
...the prefix varible...	=> ...the prefix Variable...
...builds the executibles...	=> ...builds the executables...

Hope this is useful

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