Jason Gurtz jason at
Fri Jan 10 08:39:06 PST 2003

Wouter Van Hemel wrote:
>>bdubbs at (Bruce Dubbs) writes:
>>>The Configuring Sendmail instructions have the line:*
>>>/usr/sbin/sendmail -bs -bd -q1m
> A queue-run every minute is quite often, if it's a mailserver (as in
> designated machine function), something between 15-30min is more
> appropriate, depending on the situation.
> This will run the whole queue every minute, which is probably not what you
> want if you have a decent amount of messages crammed in there.
> Ofcourse, this issue might beyond the scope of the book - I'd merely like
> to suggest a more sane default.

	A queue run time of 1 minute actually isn't bad if the environment is a 
stand alone workstation, however, it would most certainly be a bad thing 
for a larger environment.

	Here at work, a decidedly small evironment, with ~12 internet connected 
users, I find -q5m works quite nicely and ensures timely delivery.  Then 
again, I also use the trick of running two seperate sendmail processes a la:

/usr/sbin/sendmail -v -q1m -L sendmail-QR
/usr/sbin/sendmail -v -bd -L sendmail-MTA

Which takes care of any blocking issues wilst running the queue.

	It all depends on the environment, not just in number of users, but 
also connection quality, where mail generaly gets sent to, etc...  A 
long description would almost certainly be outside of the scope of the 
book, but a short description of the issue might not be out of place. 
It's kind of tough drawing the line given how robust and complex the 
program in question is.  ;)

	My self I kind of think the -bs option is more out f place than 
anything.  The bat book says it's used when calling sendmail via a pipe, 
or running sendmail via inetd, which would concievably be only on small 
sites.  I would say drop the -bs and make it default to:

sendmail -v -bd -q<someDecidedOnTime>

	I'd be interested in hearing what Gerard would have to say on the 
matter as he used to run sendmail and fooled with it extensivly.




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