BLFS use of /opt

Dagmar d'Surreal no.spam at
Thu Jan 2 09:51:51 PST 2003

On Wed, 2003-01-01 at 13:05, Mark Hymers wrote:

> Personally I see it as being clean - I'm not about to reopen the debate.
> It also means that once(if) all of your apps are gnome-2 based and you
> have no need to gnome-1 libraries etc, you can rm -fr /opt/gnome-1 (and
> remove it from etc.) and its gone.

I see it as overkill.  There are few people who would be using Gnome-2.x
and have _no_ need for the Gnome-1.x libraries, because there are still
a large number of applications that only use Gtk-1.x widgets.  If you
want the ability to quickly uninstall things, you should use a package
manager.  I suppose one could take the approach than since the FHS is
already being disregarded it doesn't really matter where anything gets
put, but it still makes a mess that much larger.

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