Time to go to LFS CVS ??

Billy O'Connor billyoc at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Jan 1 17:15:58 PST 2003

bdubbs at swbell.net (Bruce Dubbs) writes:

> Billy O'Connor wrote:
> >Tripwire was in poor shape when last I looked at it.
> >
> Well it won't compile with gcc-3.  It did compile ok with
> gcc-2.95.3. It creates four programs that are statically linked -
> which is probably the right thing to do for this type of program.
> Since Tripwire is a commercial program, there isn't much incentive for
> the developers to upgrade it.
> I'm not sure how to address this in BLFS. Suggestions?

I haven't used it yet, but this samhain app seems to do the same sort
of work, how about that?  http://la-samhna.de/samhain/
I'm still using tripwire here, compiled with 2.95.3, so I haven't
looked at it yet.


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