depends/utilize updates for Gnome-Section (BLFS20020930)

Larry Lawrence larry at
Mon Sep 30 07:19:44 PDT 2002

Tobias Stöckmann wrote:

> Some of my added packages will be already installed before the package
> will be compiled. I have added them because most of the BLFS-Documents
> have added such packages, too.
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Time to discuss these issues.

1.  Several packages will create "bindings" for python if the configure see 
python.  I don't see this as utilizing python, so its been left out.  I had 
considered requesting another category like "libxml2 makes bindings for:" 
but had decided against it. 

2. I found it more confusing to relist dependancies, so there is an 
assumption that if you installed ORBit, than GLib is satisfied.  The 
attempt was that if your package needed "libgnomeui" for example, you could 
trace back and collect all the dependencies.

3.  Most of the "will utilize" came from observation of the configure 
process, I did not test for actual usage.  So for packages like linc, my 
tendency would be to remove openssl when testing showed it was not 

Please feel free to comment on any or all of the above and Mark can decide 
the policy.


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