Status report - Larry

Larry Lawrence larry at
Fri Sep 13 08:19:36 PDT 2002

Mark can declare me done and I'd be fine with it.

I have an outline that can get the book to galeon, but I will be AWK until 
Monday or Tuesday. Declare it post-1.0 or it will be my first priority when 
I return.

I have no problem with Tushar's recomendation to combine Gnat into GCC-3.2, 
but it can be a good post-1.0 edit.

I think the introduction and general attitude of the book conveys that 
GCC-3.2 depends on GCC-3.2 from LFS, but you are welcome to add that to the 
intro if you feel it necessary.

Billy's work has been added as presented. I have only added lesstif to my 
system.  I believe it falls outside FHS by creating the directory under 
/usr but I did not do any additional research. There has been feedback, so 
I feel they are ready for QA.

I never followed up on the Tex - TeTex discussion.

Gtk-doc is written to promote the "optional" clause, It was a wonderful 
educational experience, but it feels like an advanced class hidden in the 
middle of an intermediate class.  You may want it stated even stronger than 
it is.

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