Larry Lawrence larry at
Thu Sep 12 13:41:59 PDT 2002

Billy O'Connor wrote:

> The install instructions for sawfish leave gnome-session unable to
> find it using the /opt/gnome2/bin/gnome-wm script.  The script loops
> through the possible wm's, checking for each one of them in the $PATH
> directories.  The problem is, it finds sawfish in /usr/sbin, but it's
> a *directory* so it fails to exec it.  There's a /usr/bin/sawfish,
> which is of course also in the $PATH, but *after* /usr/sbin.  So there
> it is.

Ok, login.defs appears to be holding the default path of /bin:/usr/bin for 
users and /sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin for root and I don't remember it 
being modified in LFS or BLFS, so for the user that has not created their 
own path, the above script should work in BLFS.  Obviously, copying roots 
path to users would cause failure.  Since there is an indication that users 
should not have paths to sbin, I would conclude that if they are added, 
they should be after /bin:/usr/bin:.

Other opinions or corrections are encouraged.

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