libxml and libglade location

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Thu Sep 12 13:26:17 PDT 2002

On Thursday 12 September 2002 03:13 pm, Mark Hymers wrote:
> On Sun, 01, Sep, 2002 at 11:09:22AM -0500, Larry Lawrence
> spoke thus..
> > I am using galeon as a test of gnome libraries required even
> > in a gnome2 install.
> >
> > It will not find libxml or libglade unless they are
> > installed in it's destination (/opt/gnome).  For some
> > reason, it does not use the *-config files.
> >
> > I would rather fix this where I can leave both of the above
> > in /usr.  Any ideas.
> Have you managed to sort this out already?

This is because galeon uses gnome-config to find these packages 
(and gnome-config expects the packages to be in the same prefix 
as gnome itself).  Gnome introduced this less-versatile, more 
restrictive convention for no obvious good reason, and a lot of 
packages have been stupid enough to follow it.

It would probably be a simple matter of configure.{ac,in} fixing 
to repair this brain-dead behavior.  Trouble is, this may well 
require someone with an older version of autoconf to regenerate 
the appropriate files.  Then we'd also have to hack the 
Makefiles to keep galeon from regenerating files with 
auto{conf,make} (autobreak, rather) just because they detect 
date changes caused by the patching.  Either that, or go around 
touching a lot of files in the Galeon source tree.

Thank you, Galeon, for doing the Wrong Thing(tm) just because 
everybody else is doing it.  Thank you also, GNU, for taking 
backwards compatibility and screwing it raw. >=(

(Crap like this annoys me.  Can't you tell?)

"If a server crashes in a server farm and no one pings it, does 
it still cost four figures to fix?"

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